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The exclusive Resort on Kea island


Where travel is turned into a lifestyle and the Aegean blue becomes one with the sky

Green Island Resort Kea
Aghios Nikolaos

 For those seeking to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

The Green Island Resort is situated in Aghios Nikolaos on Kea Island of the Cycladic group of islands It is a peaceful resort on Kea Island in the Southern Aegean Sea where the Aegean blue becomes one with the sky. 
Brief presentation of Provisions, Facilities and Amenities: Green Island Resort is not only a holiday resort but also a venue for social functions such as wedding, christening ceremonies or private masses, celebrations, parties, film location, drone flying activities and many more Our Resort spreads on a land area of approximately 40.000 square meters including Kean oak trees, aromatic herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary and other local flora, orchards with fruit and fig trees, olive groves and vineyards In our vineyards we cultivate organically our own grapes which produce our own wine Brand “ΔΙΑΣ” It is in our winery that we process and bottle our own organic wine and "raki" spirit It is here, also, that wine tasting may be carried out on request It is to be noted that from our olive groves we also produce our own organic olives and virgin olive oil. 
With great respect to the surrounding landscape and the island’s Cycladic tradition our stone buildings, constructed with schist stones taken directly from the Kean quarries on the island, have come to be integrated into the nature of the land without offending it Special care has been assigned to incorporate into the complexes the two hundred year old stone built shepherd’s shelter making it function as part of the new construction. 
Our complex of "Athena" and "Poseidon" villas are meant as Temples of Relaxation It is for this purpose we include activities intending to connect the self to spirit while attempting at balancing these forces in smooth cooperation Purposefully, always, we maintain for our Guests the mental state to appreciate the return to nature without deviating from the contemporary means of comfort This achievement has been especially assisted and guided by the fact that: We do not just think Green We are Green! A lot of effort has been put to offer our guests the opportunity to connect to the seasonal rituals of the Cycladic Earth especially at the time of grape and olive gathering with the related wine and oil production processes Our guests experience the Earth Cycles as pilgrims to Mother Earth becoming aware of the
physical connection to the Cycladic land, benefiting Body and Mind in an effortless Meditation Journey induced by the surrounding landscapes.  
Cycling paths have been created to allow for Cycling or Hill Biking if desired, within the security of the fenced Resort offering exercise and familiarization with the Cycladic landscape For those who prefer leisure to exercise the Cycling Lanes which amount to about 4 km can be used for Hiking, as well.

The Green Island Resort possesses some unique features as it is the one and only resort on the island of Kea and the Cycladic Island Complex with: 

A Private Helipad                      Private Olive Groves and Vineyards                               A Private Winery 

Cycling and Bike Facilities for Hill and Mountain Biking on specially designed Cycle Paths within its fenced boundaries of 40.000 m² land.

Works of Fine Art - Original Pieces exhibited as part of its Villaς’ Decoration 

Facilities for Social Functions accommodating up to five hundred people 

Private Parking for up to one hundred cars.


Spreading on a private land area of approximately 10 acres the villas benefit from the scenery of the estate - the vineyards, orchards, pine grove, olive groves, and the Aegean Sea views - all in the pure Cycladic landscape that invites for reflection.


Aghios Nikolaos
Kea, Greece
+30 6972104925