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Facilities and Points of Interest

Cycling and Hill biking


We have created 4 km of safe cycling paths for Hill biking within our fenced boundaries, suitable for beginners and advanced cyclists. This extra service and our high quality mountain bikes are available free of charge!  Apart from the designed cycling lanes there are trails as well that can be followed by hikers, too, so as to immerse themselves into the real nature of our cultivated and wild natural landscape on the property. The genuine nature of the island is very much represented on the resort with the cultivation arranged on terraces and hilly slopes allowing a lot for the wild nature to be present so as our guests who try cycling or hiking can perceive the Aegean Cycladic spirit of wind hit lands, sky, sun and sea. The fact that many activities such as swimming, cycling, hiking or model plane and take place inside our fenced premises is an additional safety assurance for parents with young kids.


Our Helipad is the one and only private helipad in the island of Kea

It has been constructed not only for Helicopters but for powered Lift Aircrafts as well and serves the needs of our guests who experience pressing timetables or in an emergency.

Drone piloting can be arranged for flights less than 50 meters, with crafts weighing less than twenty-five kilos and only in the circumference of our premises

The helipad is at the service of our guests who do not wish to mix with other tourists on their way to the island from the airport.


The Vineyards

The vineyards
Being faithful to the ancient tradition of Aegean winemaking it is not surprising that wine has been made on the property since the past century
There are organic vineyards located on the property
We still bottle our yearly produce in our home winery under the brand of “ΔΙΑΣ “ borrowing the name 'Dias" or "Zeus" from the King of the ancient Greek Gods indicating that as with God Zeus' new order mind prevailed over the beastly Titans, so, our wine can be the communion of social bonding and sobriety. The resort also produces its own local spirit, the so-called "raki" in the traditional Kean manner. Toasting in our yearly produce and sharing bottles of our wine and "raki" variety with our guests has become a ritual of bonding on Green Island Resort Kea.


Kea Island has a tradition in wine making safeguarding its competent place in the quality wine producing islands of the South Aegean and Cycladic group of islands.

Following in this local tradition our organically cultivated vineyards on the property, provide us with the grapes for our wine and spirit production It is worth noting that wine and “raki” spirit have been made on the property since the past century We still bottle our yearly produce in our home winery under the brand “ΔΙΑΣ”.

The property also produces its own local spirit, the so-called in the Mediterranean region "raki" or "tsikoudia" in the local traditional manner.


Traditional Stone-built Threshing Floor


Traditionally since time immemorial on the island Threshing Floors are set on high ground so as to be open to the wind from every direction. This is evident for our Threshing Floor, too, that is over two centuries old and the views from it at sunset or at a moon lit night are stunning. It is well maintained and one of the few ones surviving in such good condition on the Aegean islands. It is of a design that has remained almost the same through the centuries in the agricultural communities of the island reflecting its use and the threshing manner in operation. The corn is reaped and brought at the Threshing Floor where it is trodden out with horses trampling upon it while with the wind it is cleansed. When the threshing floor is of a solid rock foundation - as it is in our case - and not of dirt the seed is easily separated from the chaff. Wheat as the harvested crop is crushed and winnowed to separate grain from fodder while the latter is stored for animal food.

Aghios Nikolaos Chapel

The chapel of Aghios Nikolaos - a construction that is more than two hundred years old - lies right next to the property, and the whole of it is fenced on the boundary.
Aghios Nikolaos – Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of the sailors and chapels dedicated to the Saint. The Saint who was a Bishop in Myra of Asia Minor is officially celebrated on 6th December every year. However, for this certain chapel the local community arranges a special festival and a feast on the Saint's honour in conjunction with another Great Martyr Saint and Healer on 27th of July that is the special day for Saint Panteleimon the "All Merciful" one.
For the faithful these two Saints have joined their forces to help the needy and the worshippers who gather at the yard of the chapel on the 27th of July each year sharing the food they have prepared honouring both Saints while praying to grant them their special blessings.


Reservations – Events


A unique venue for social functions 

Weddings, Christening ceremonies or private masses, celebrations, parties, film location, drone flying activities and many more! 

These special events can be organised in the tranquil setting of the Green Island Resort. 

Spreading on a land area of approximately 40.000 m­² includes Kean oak trees and other local flora, orchards, fruit and fig trees, olive groves and vineyards is the ideal place of the island for such functions. 

Ample parking facilities are also available.


Aghios Nikolaos
Kea, Greece
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